About Boma Systems


Boma Systems provides simple yet powerful ways for people to instantly, conveniently and easily communicate with groups of people they know. Our new service, Boma Instant Connect (IC), enables anyone to instantly connect with multiple people in just one phone call–anytime, anywhere. Based on powerful, patent-pending technology, Boma IC's one-call system is a new way for anyone to save time, be more productive and get better results from their personal and organizational communications.

What does "boma" mean?

The word "boma" is an African word for an enclosure or fence used to protect people from outside harm.

Company Background

Boma Systems, Incorporated was inspired by the concept of a boma. Our simple idea: create technology that provides people with instant access to their personal, virtual boma or "living circle" of people you know, including friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.

Boma Instant Connect (IC) is an easy-to-use, convenient new service that enables anyone to instantly and conveniently connect with groups of people they know in one phone call.

Boma Systems, Incorporated is a privately-held company based in California.


Everyone has times when they need a fast, no-hassle way to connect with multiple people they know. From the start, our goal has been to make Boma IC as useful and widely available as possible. Everything about Boma IC has been designed to be fast, simple and convenient–from set up to everyday use. Boma IC is available for anyone to use. Anytime. Anywhere. Using any phone and phone service provider.

Examples of Use: Whether you're a college student, soccer coach, working parent or busy professional on the go, there's a way for Boma IC to help you save time and improve the ease of your communications.

Easy and fast Set Up and Use:

Boma IC is easy to use and set up.

  • Easy set up: Set up and manage your account via our Web site, available 24/7.
  • No special equipment or software required: Boma IC works with all landline and mobile phones and phone service providers.

Getting Started with Boma IC

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