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Boma Instant Connect: Instant Contact, Instant Conference, Instant Communications

Boma Instant Connect (IC) is a new way for people to easily, conveniently and instantly connect with people they know using their phone.

Need help in an unexpected crisis? Want to make an important announcement? Need to notify people of an unplanned change in plans? Simply looking for a no-hassle, fast way to communicate with groups of people on a personal or professional basis?

Using Boma IC's easy-to-use yet powerful, patent-pending technology, anyone can connect with a group of people in one call. Anytime. Anywhere.

o         Find and contact multiple individuals at their work, home and cell phone numbers

o         Relay a voice message containing essential, time-sensitive information

o         Easily initiate an on-the-spot conference call to communicate and collaborate as a group


What's the best way to communicate with a group? How Boma IC compares